About Us

Arts and culture are an integral part of our history, playing an important role in shaping our futures.

The Archive of Indian Art is a digital archive created to document, preserve and showcase Indian Arts for the purpose of research

We wish to build a repository over time which would include:

  • Visual Arts (including Architecture, Ceramics, Drawing, Filmmaking, Painting, Photography, and sculpting)
  • Literature (including Fiction, Drama, Poetry, and Prose)
  • Performing arts (including Dance, Music, and Theatre)

We also aim to hold periodic exhibitions, seminars and talks to explore Indian Mythology & India’s history by means of the visual evidence in art.

Through various initiatives, The Archive of Indian Art also aims to support schools to introduce art to the children and establish art appreciation as an integral part of their education, and document the significance of ancient Indian Art for Generation Z !

TEAM @ Archive of Indian Art

The team comes from diverse backgrounds with a plethora of skills ranging from different areas such as Strategic Management Consulting, Technology, Supply Chain, Marketing, Medicine, Art, Mythology, Film, Content Development, & Psychology.